Thursday, January 14, 2010

When's that BABY due?!?!

Yep. It is only fitting that I announce our news on here after every single person in the known world has already heard it.
I am not turning out to be the super-blogger I hoped to be, but just in case any of my three followers don't know...
Ta-ta-la! (that is what Ez says when he is trying to say Ta-Dah.) We are going to have another baby!
I say "we," knowing full well, that Doug has already done his part, and now gets to sit back and enjoy the show, but despite knowing that there is a long road ahead, I am pretty psyched, and will be posting updates of baby #4 on a semi-regular basis, (depending on how flaky I am feeling this pregnancy!)


DebLawson said...

What?! You're pregnant!? Yay!!!! :0)


I was one of those "everyone in the world already knows" people! Sooooo happy am I! It will be fun following your pregnancy and finding out if there is one or two babes in your belly along with finding out if this will be another boy!

Funny thing... I was pregnant along with Mandee for a few months, and now you and I will be pregnant together for a few months! Who would have ever thought that would happen!?
Love it!

How are you feeling these days... and when is the baby due?! HUH?!

crazy4boys said...

I didn't know. Congratulations!!!!!!!