Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am officially prego today. I don't know what changed, but yesterday I wasn't, and now today I am. I am not saying that I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms before, but it wasn't like this. The main difference is that all of a sudden my belly is huge! No seriously, yesterday - normal flat (kind of) belly, today - can't suck it in to save my life! I am also short of breath, which I am thinking does not bode well for me 9 weeks in. And also, (stop reading if you are the kind of person who might have a problem with certain anatomical references,) I woke up this morning and my boobs are ginormous... What the?


Lori Muir said...

Sexy Mama! Love ya.

DebLawson said...

Wish my boobies were super huge, too!

I know- this is the sicky time. Good luck as you go through it. The clouds will lift soon enough!!

Just stay away from Soaring over CA and Nemo! ha ha

Is this sickness the same as the boys? My morning sickness was 100% different and here I'm having a 100% different kinda kid! Who knows...

Anyhow, get yourself some awesome jeans in So. Cal and drink Gingerale and eat lots of saltines!

Love ya, too!

Valerie Christensen said...

Laura--You are so cute! You totally make me laugh!

L said...

YAY FOR GIANT BOOBS! That is by far the best part of pregnancy. Also remember what DR. Anderson always says: Eat whatever doesn't make you feel like hurling, make sure the husband works hard so you don't have to, and take B6 and Unisom for nausea. Oh man... I MISS HIM ALREADY and I'm not even pregnant!